Why should you hire an immigration lawyer from our firm to represent you?

Our founder, Attorney Barbara Suri, has been an immigrant, an immigration officer (for 14 years), and an immigration attorney (for the last 17 years). As an Immigration Adjudications Officer, Attorney Suri has received in-depth training from the U.S. Government, on the processing of various immigration cases. As an Immigration Attorney/Lawyer, she and her staff have continued this training, with reputable sources such as the American Immigration Lawyers Association, and others. This specialized training and continued legal education in immigration laws and policies, provide our firm with a special understanding and sensitivity to the concerns of our clients and allows us to provide compassionate and supportive guidance regardless of the legal issues.

Although an application form may seem simple at first glance, there is a myriad of laws and policies involved by which the preparer must be intimately familiar. A forms preparer, who is not familiar with the laws and policies, will sometimes respond to a question in such a way that damages the applicant, making it impossible to obtain a positive result and worse, impossible to correct. For this reason, many immigration cases require a skilled immigration attorney; someone that understands both the immigration issues that the applicant is facing as well as any criminal or other laws that may impact the applicant. With our firm, you will know that you have an experienced team on your side, a team that is truly looking out for your best interests.

We absolutely believe that you deserve the best representation

Whether you are inside or outside of the United States, our team is prepared to review your situation and advise you on the best possible means and ways to resolve your immigration issue. You can be assured that we will provide you with the dedicated, personal, and legal services your issues require for resolution.

Reasonable Fees

Our fees are reasonable; we are willing to create a payment plan for your convenience, and we schedule weekend and late appointments, as necessary, to accommodate your work schedules.

Why wait? Find peace of mind and security by stabilizing your immigration situation. Do not waste another second! When future and your family's future is on the line, you simply don't have the luxury of taking your time.

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