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Frequently Asked Questions

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Adjustment of Status to Permanent Resident

Age Deadline For Citizen Parent to File for Children

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Difference Between Green Card and Citizenship

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How Can I As a Green Card Holder Help My Fiancée Obtain Green Card?

How Can I Help My Mother Obtain Her Green Card If My Aunt Adopted Me?

How Can I Help My Spouse Obtain Her Green Card When She Entered United States With a Fake Passport?

How Can I Help Son from Being Deported For Possessing an Unlicensed Gun?

How Can I Protect My Green Card If I Need To Finish Business In My Home Country Before Moving To US Permanently?

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How To Stay Deportation Due To Sickness

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I Skipped My Deportation Hearing But Want To File for Green Card

Is It Normal for an Application to be Transferred?

Is There a New I-9 Form?

R-1 Visa For Religious Purposes

Suggestions for Immigrants Travelling Outside of United States

What Are My Responsibilities If I File a Affidavit of Support?

What Are The Options for an Abused Spouse Who Entered United States Without Proper Papers?

What Can I Do If I Filed For My Children But Do Not Earn Enough Money to File an Affidavit of Support?

What Can I Do If I Had a Job Change While My I-140 and I-485 Were Pending?

What Can I Do If My Spouse Is Abusing Me And Will Not File For My Green Card?

What Happens After an I-130 Form Is Approved?

What Is a T Visa?

What is AC21 Portability?

What Is An Extreme Hardship Waiver?

What Is Optional Practical Training?

What Is The H-1B Program?

What Medical Conditions Would Render Me Inadmissible?

What Relatives Can a Citizen File For?

What Should a Citizen Do If His Fiancé Leaves Him For Another Man?

Who and When Can I File For After Becoming a Citizen?

Why Did I Receive a Request For Evidence On My Case?

Why Is There a Discrepancy Between The Length of Time Listed on my B1/B2 Visa and How Long I Was Told I Could Stay For a Visit?